Choosing the right sports bar

First of all, be cautious when writing a blog post about choosing the right sports bar, because with a slip of the finger it becomes Choosing the right sports bra, and that is an entirely different blog all together—but I stray from my point…

Friday is Heath’s and my four-year anniversary. We agreed nothing big since, you know, we are married now and have a real anniversary to celebrate. But it’s hard to pass the day by without giving it some kind of nod. Plus, The Texas Rangers are playing the Baltimore Orioles that weekend which deserves a celebration on its own merit. So as any good, domestic wife would do, I began researching never-been-to-before sports bars capable of hosting our evening of beer, baseball and betrothment. Choosing the right venue is proving to be a labor-intensive task. Meet the contenders:

The Tavern

I’ve been interested in this place since I moved to Austin because I was tickled by their “we have air conditioning” sign which gets second billing after the venue’s name on it’s neon marquee out front. Sure they have a wealth of flat screen TVs, healthy variety of draft beers and a prime piece of real estate to boot, but why mention any of those things in place of your business’ best asset? I’m definitely one to appreciate a healthy batch of irony, so if this place can serve that up along with its 50 beer-menu and historic charm (the Tavern has been operating since 1933) then I’m in.

Shoal Creek Saloon

Literally a stone’s throw from the Tavern is the little sports bar and Cajun influenced restaurant that has dubbed itself the unofficial Saint’s fans headquarters of Austin. Since we won’t be watching the Cowboys duke it out with the New Orleans-based team, I suppose we can tolerate some Saints paraphernalia around the joint while we indulge on fried catfish and pork chops which are rumored to be the best in Austin. It also gets raves for it’s outdoor patio seating which boasts simultaneous views of flat screen TV and its namesake Shoal Creek.

Cover 3

A bit swankier and with an array of creative menu items not typical of a sports bar, Cover 3 is a good option because it blends the chaos and energy of a sporting event with the classy upscale atmosphere desirous of an anniversary evening. The food and drinks, while expensive, are worth it according to Texas Monthly which voted Cover 3 as having the number 12 best burger in Texas.

If you’re a fellow Austinite and frequenter of any of these local hot spots, let me know which venue can do the job.


It’s nice when you can not only  eat the fruits of your garden labor but enjoy looking at them in the house too.


Fun with planters

Heath’s the master of sustainable gardening while I have say over the “pretty” plants. I’m always looking for fun new ways to bring some flowers into the yard that deviate from the traditional plain jane pots and flower beds. I found these fun ideas at apartment therapy and now the wheels are turning as I contemplate other creative containers.

The Houses In Your Neighborhood

So we aren’t really in the market to buy a house at the moment—especially since Heath’s job is in limbo, but we have dabbled with the idea of home ownership. We’ve checked out neighborhoods across the city to distinguish the unacceptable ones from the devastatingly desirable and the ultra hipster from the ultra hippie. We’ve developed quite a list of potential future doodle houses, but until that time comes we are more than content enjoying the views in our current ‘hood. Check out some images from a Sunday walk in Central Austin.


The new acronym sweeping the nation is also known as Fun At The San Marcos Train Station With My New Camera.


Where |San Marcos, TX
| Thursday, March 31
| Nikon D5000




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