Privacy Please

The one downside to the new abode is that our backyard leaves little to the imagination. A wimpy little chain-link fence is all that separates our yard from the neighbors to the left, the right and the rear. I’m no prude but I would like for the backyard to show a little modesty. So I’m on the hunt for privacy ideas that are a tad unconventional but majorly awesome. Maybe it’s just me being a contrarian, but the tried and true vertical wood-post fences just won’t do it for our yard. She needs something with pizazz. Something like this…

This cinderblock wall from Big Red Sun doubles as a planter.

As does this little number.

I’ve always loved these mid-century decorative concrete blocks. And the time period matches our house.


When all esle fails, I look to nature’s privacy screen: plants.


3 Comments on “Privacy Please”

  1. kmom says:

    I will do my best to intro some other ideas I’ve come across, tho I am quite fond of these. Looking forward to seeing things in person in order .to give my expert opinions

  2. Joy Stateson says:

    Always in favor of privacy, although my current home offers none. I like the cute brick one. Probably not inexpensive, though.

  3. [...] this torch idea from Design Sponge is practically¬†inevitable. ¬†The only hiccup is waiting for the privacy fence to go up before something like this could be installed. That probably won’t happen until [...]

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