Project idea: painting cabinet interiors

I’m like a shark. I can’t stop swimming (or in my case, home improving) or I will die.

So my newest survival project is to paint the interiors of the kitchen cabinets. I love how some background color makes the dishes pop and feel as though it adds dimension to the kitchen (which ours desperately needs).

It’s sort of an unconventional idea, but it’s one I’ve been obsessed with since I first saw the idea in practice while attending a neighborhood block party a few weeks back. I played the role of kitchen creeper, taking photos of my neighbor’s way-cool kitchen for a majority of the party. Theirs was similar to ours as far as size, layout and and cabinet finish, and I was very impressed with some of the things they did to give it some gusto. But the cabinet paint took the cake. It must me implemented!

Seriously, how fun does that look?

White kitchen gets spunky with lime green cabinets.

Blue wallpaper is another idea that’s kinda cool.

Walpaper backing used in a cupboard.

I love the affect of painting the entire cabinet interior, not just the back but the sides, bottoms and tops, too.

Splashes of color without being overpowering.

Cabinets with green. I’m on the fence on whether to go lime green or turquoise.

Yep. Painting the insides of the cabinets is the way to go.

8 Comments on “Project idea: painting cabinet interiors”

  1. kmom says:

    I like the look, but would not relish doing the task. I vote for green since you will eventually have a turquois back splash and your table is turquois blue.

  2. My thoughts exactly.

  3. Alice says:

    love this idea! we live in a rental, so we cant do stuff like this quite yet but my friend did a kitchen remodel a couple years ago where she did dark faux granite counters with white and grey fleck and then painted the exterior of her cabinets white and the interiors a deep, blood red. it looks SO cool! :) good luck with your project!!

  4. Libby Keane says:

    I like it too. It makes the kitchen pop.

  5. copycatmom says:

    I LOVE this idea! We rent as well. I live pretty nomadic. The longest we have ever stayed in one place is 4 years. (that was the one and only time it has happened. I love reading about your ideas. I love the house we are moving to in a few months. You gave me some great Ideas to do with the bookshelves in our school room. I would say go with the turquoise. ;)

  6. So cute! Looks like the doodle house is evolving into more beauty! :)

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