Weekend Round Up

After listening to an NPR report Friday morning about making the perfect hot dog, Heath and I decided to spend the first evening of Memorial Day weekend cooking weenies on the grill.

It began with a trip to Central Market, which usually means good things are about to follow. Oh to be able to enjoy the lavishness of CM on a daily basis: the elaborate displays, flattering lighting, expansive selection of meats, fruits and more…a girl can dream. I stocked up on a variety of weenies (bratwurst, Argentinian sausage, wild boar and chicken jalapeño), as well as an abundance of fresh veggies (mushrooms, squash, bell peppers, corn on the cob and even more jalapeños). And of course, what’s a summer cook-out without a watermelon?

The evening culminated with the smörgåsbord of food, bocce ball, puppies running a muck, lots o’ beer and lots o’ friends.

Saturday, thus far has been as successful as Friday’s festivities. We enjoyed a lazy morning and started the first day of the weekend off with a trip to World Market, where I was eager to spend some gift cards courtesy of Callie and Miss Maggie. The fruits of that shopping trip must be saved for a later post, but I can say that I left very satisfied.

The only thing that could top a trip to one of my favorite stores is a trip to the pool. I’m not above pool scavenging. What is pool scavenging, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked. Basically, we “sneak” into the pool of a nearby apartment or condo complex. They’re usually never in use, and someone ought to take advantage of all that pool maintenance, yes? We were a tad skeptical about the pool conditions, as it hasn’t been too ridiculously hot lately, and a cold pool can sometimes be a shocker if conditions aren’t perfect. Luckily for us, conditions were, and we spent a good 2 hours lounging poolside.

After saturating our bodies in chlorine we headed down the street to Berry Austin, a self-serve FroYo place, to devour some frozen treats.

Frozen Yogurt places are beginning to be a dime-a-dozen lately, at least in Austin. For the most part, one doesn’t differ from the other. But I do recommend Berry Austin for the ambiance if nothing else. The yogurt was what we needed. It hit the spot just fine and had most of the flavors and selection of toppings that other FroYo joints have. But this one seemed more unequivocally Austin. Decoupaged tables, walls covered in old CDs (which can be entertainment in itself if you browse through some of the awful titles that hang in the vicinity), and old plates and knick-knacks plastered to the restaurant walls made for a colorful and enjoyable experience. Of course the yogurt wasn’t shabby either.

To appease the mister, we (he) are now watching Ranger’s baseball and looking forward to the rest of the weekend. If things go as planned, that should include a trip to a new restaurant, a visit to Krause Springs and completing the chicken coup in our backyard. Here’s to hoping it all goes down without a hitch.


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