The Coop.

Well, we did it! Heath did it, mostly. We finished the coop!

When we moved into the house, there was this odd, half-finished structure. We weren’t sure if it was meant to be a raised garden or what. So we took some liberties of our own and built the coop! Heath came up with the design and did the construction himself while I watched and got lotso mosquito bites. He knocked this project out over the long weekend, and today we got some little friends for it…

Meet Ruby and Marion!

Ruby (named for her Ruby-red face) is a Blue Wyandotte. Marion (named for my favorite Dallas Cowboy Marion Barber) is an Ameraucana. They are still getting used to the joint, but I think we will be very happy together.

[Stella and Wyatt really want a piece of the chickens.]

3 Comments on “The Coop.”

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  2. How do the dogs do with the chickens after getting used to them? Have you found 2 chickens to produce enough eggs for the two of you?

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