A Road Trip Wonder

So much to say about this weekend, and I’m not sure where to start. So I suppose I will do the sensible thing and begin at the beginning…riveting.

It started with a road trip. Heath and I needed to head Texarkana way for Heath’s cousin’s wedding. We shipped off after work, grabbing coworker Tiffany in the process. Tiffany has family in Texarkana, and now seemed as good-a-time as ever for her to give them a visit.

The trip to Texarkana isn’t a short one, about 7 1/2 hours. And it was one to be taken after a long, LONG day of work. Nevertheless, away we went. The trip composed of several hours of good conversation, a stop at Whataburger, and many restroom breaks. Speaking of which, should you ever be passing through Mount Pleasant be sure to stop at this gem of a destination. Mount Pleasant may not have mountains, and it may not be pleasant, but they do have one of the most awesome bathrooms ever seen. So awesome, in fact, that it had to be documented on film.

“Oh hey, Tiffany. Look at this rustic little gas station. It’s so sweet with its country western knick-knacks and paraphernalia. Even the bathroom looks like it follows the theme!”

Right? Wrong?

Hold on to your seats, fellas. You’re about to get a glance inside one of the most ELEGANT (is elegant the right word?) women’s restrooms in Texas. You’re welcome. Here is some of what we found inside.

What’s a bathroom without an elegant (again, right word?) painting of a scantily clad, busty woman caressing her Pegasus? Not satisfied? It gets better.

Each stall was painted with bright pastel images of fairies engaging in various activities with winged creatures. Tiffany was kind enough to reenact the image on one.

I used props to try and copy my favorite image. Good times. Tiff and I consider ourselves lucky to have stumbled upon the world’s most ironically fabulous bathroom. Sorry fellas. Heath reports the men’s room was “nothing special.”

Other highlights of the trip included:
• seeing a motorcycle accident (don’t worry no one was hurt),
• driving past an inflamed Volkswagen bus seconds before it exploded,
• eying a van with a family of beagles painted on the side, and
• stopping to get some Big League chew.

The trip was long but not without its charm. If you liked this, stay tuned for deets about the rest of our fun-filled weekend.

Happy Trails!

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