Life Lessons

Since we have a big party, er, wedding coming up, I feel now is as good a time as ever to mention some important rules when it comes to getting down on the dance floor.

Aww man. Look at that little tot. He’s so cute on the dance floor, groovin’ with all the ladies. What an entertaining child he is, and a welcome addition to this dance party!

Now, if you will, please observe the difference between that dancing kiddo and the one below.

Aww look, this kiddo is dancing too. Wait…she’s not dancing. She’s crawling. Crawling just inches away from the 6 inch, spikey heels of drunk dancing humans! Stop baby, stop! Parents, WHERE ARE YOU?!?! OH THE HUMANITY!

I think you get my point.

Dancing toddlers = good.
Parents who let infants crawl around on the dance floor = bad.

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