A Birckelbach birthday, 90s cover bands and more

Whelp, we still have Sunday, but I’d say so far the weekend has been a success. We kicked it off with a celebration of Candace’s day o’ birth at Mangia Pizza to consume one of the best combos known to man: pizza and beer.

[The stuffed spinach pizza put Mangia on the map. It was an amazing, melty treat.]

Saturday began with a trip to the pool, or rather, sneaking into an apartment complex pool of which we are not residents. Yeah, don’t mess with us. We are crazy rebellious. We stayed just long enough to get a lovely pink glow despite applying ample sunscreen. Perhaps that’s our kharma.

Then we did some video gaming with friends from Red River Lighthouse. Heath’s considered moving in with them so he can have permanent access to Super Mario Smash Brothers and 3-on-3 hockey. But then he remembered he would miss the labradoodles to much. Thank goodness for doodles.

Then we made our way to Thai Kitchen to pick up some extremely spicy to-go Thai food. The spicy Southeast Asian cuisine had just begun to hit our sinuses, making our noses run like Niagara falls when we left for this place…

The Tiniest Bar in Texas. It’s a an outdoor music venue on the outskirts of what the hipsters consider downtown. Like its name, it is also a pretty tiny bar, though I’d be willing to bet there are tinier. My So Called Band was the reason for our visit. The 90s cover band includes three of my former coworkers from when I worked at the law firm. Saturday seemed as good a day as any to support old friends, drink margaritas, and jam out to some Rage Against the Machine, Smashing Pumpkins and Proclaimers.

Here’s to hoping Sunday is as good as the rest of the weekend. It started with breakfast tacos in bed, so I’d say things are looking good.

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