Observations on chickens

We’ve been the proud parents of these two…

…for a few months now. We’ve cried together, laughed together and loved together (well, not really). And we feel like we might be close to being chicken experts. Again, not really. Though I did compose a piece about chickens for the paper that can be read here. Nevertheless, we have made some keen observations on their species. Please note the following:

  • Chickens are chicken. Why is any scared, bashful and/or cowardly person immediately referred to as a chicken? Because chickens are scared, bashful and cowardly creatures. While these chicks have endured the occasional labradoodle taunting, for the most part they have it pretty good. They get lots of food, fresh water and ample yard roaming time. Still, at any sign of danger (or let’s face it, anything temporarily unpleasant) the chickens go running. No mode of attack, no submission, no “let’s wait this thing out.” A chicken’s immediate reaction to loud noises, fast movements and mostly anything else, is to act like a chicken.
  • Chickens sometimes sound like roosters. For a few days Heath and I were in a panic that we might be the proud owners of a dandy rooster. In the mornings, when we let the dogs out, (and they scamper by the chicken coop to say “good morning”) one of the fowl reacts with a howl/cluck/crow hybrid noise. Hearing “CRROOOUUUAARRRWWW” first thing in the morning was definitely an unexpected wake up call. I was immediately convinced we had a rooster on our hands. Turns out, chickens can make funny, loud noises too (thanks Google). And even though there are still no eggs to show from this little adventure, we remain convinced that our chickens are ladies.
  • Chickens don’t lay eggs. Argue this one if you want. But I’m not buying that chickens lay eggs. I’ve yet to see an egg out of either of these two girls, and they have a pretty cushy life. Maybe a critter is getting to the eggs. Maybe they are barren. Maybe I’m being too impatient. Sure, any of these suggestions are possible. But I’m going with my first instinct. Chickens don’t lay eggs.
  • Chickens are pretty. Perhaps it’s not how the average person would describe a chicken (delicious might come to mind first), but watching these chicks grow into beautiful feathered fowl is a treat. They are both so different from each other in both look and personality. I have thoroughly enjoyed examining their changing feathers and fluffy chicken butts over these months.



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