Garden Fun

Fortunately the three day weekend has offered us cooler temperatures (think a cool 93 degrees instead of the usual 105). So we decided to spend our Sunday gardening and admiring houses we hope to one day live in.

Of course, before we began this epic task, we had to fuel up. Enter Top Notch Burgers.

Top Notch is an old school, drive-thru burger joint on Burnet Road (a street Heath and I find ourselves visiting more and more frequently). The place probably hasn’t been updated since the 70s, but that is part of its charm. The out of towners might know it from its appearance in Dazed and Confused where it provided the drive-thru backdrop for a few scenes in the movie. Going there is like taking a trip back in time, but it’s also extremely delicious. The food is good, the price is right and the service is excellent. Done and done. Filled to the brim with the timeless flavors of a BLT and french fries, we headed out to continue our day.

We drove through the delightful Allandale neighborhood on our way to Lowe’s. It’s full of ranch-style homes, wide streets and huge trees. On our Sunday driveby we saw dozens of cyclists, friendly joggers with their pups and two kids operating a lemonade stand. Home ownership is not quite in our sites yet, but it’s always nice to dream.

Inspired by the well-manicured lawns and perky gardens of Allandale, Heath and I opted to take advantage of the coolish weather and do some yard maintenance of our own. This included trimming back some out-of-control plants, replanting a bed in our backyard, and adding a few new pops of color to our amateur garden. Behold our meager efforts…

Before, caladiums we planted earlier in the summer had seen better days. They fell victim to dogs(not ours) trampling the garden. So we replaced them with something a big sturdier.

While pruning, I came across this little guy who made a home in one of my pots.

The chicks got to eat any grubs we found in the garden (there were lots). Here they are recooping after a pretty intense meal.

The dogs don’t so much help as they watch from cooler areas.


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