Your Mom

So Your Mom’s automatically gets points for:

1) being located on the East Side (yes, it’s a proper noun in my book), and
2) referring to itself as a burger bar.

This counter-service restaurant is probably what you’d expect from the name: kind of quirky and in-your-face, but still a classic.

As you probably could have guessed, they specialize in burgers at Your Mom’s. But, and yes I am going to do it, these aren’t your grandmother’s burgers. They are stuffed. Think of a tame version of some of the goodies that appear on This is Why You’re Fat. With menu items that include things like burgers stuffed with blue cheese, jalapeños and bacon, it’s to be assumed that this isn’t a burger joint for the faint of heart or waist-line sensitive.

But who goes to a burger joint with calories in mind? At any rate, don’t do it at this place. I’ve never been a fan of fried pickles, but they called to me at Your Mom’s. As did the fries, as did the burger patties filled with ingredients I’d never imagined combining.

The patties are juicy, thick and, I assume, prepared on the fly as the wait to consume one of these bad boys was longer than I would have liked, but it does speak to the freshness. Though the burger was easily triple the size of a fast food burger, I consumed my fair share. As did the rest of the lunch patrons at our table. In addition to hit-the-spot greasy food, the service and atmosphere at your mom’s are worth mentioning.

It’s refreshing to dine in a place where the staff seems to be genuinely happy to serve the food that they do. And the friendly folks there on this Sunday afternoon fit that description to a T. This particular fellow certainly displayed a sense of pride as he lay the tremendous burgers before us and our dining companions. And the hip covered porch creating a not-quite-inside, not-quite-outside dining experience felt exquisitely Austin.

It’s probably not a good idea to make a habit of it, but go ahead. Eat at Your Mom’s at least once.

I’m not usually a fried pickle fan, but who can resist these?


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