One down, five to go

Without revealing too much about my job, my students or the school where I work, I still feel the need to make a post celebrating the end of the first six-weeks of school.

It wasn’t easy. That much, I will say. I didn’t think teaching would be a walk in the park or some kind of vacation, but after these few weeks I have a new respect for career teachers. The hours can be brutal (sometimes 12-hour days), the lack of student participation can be excruciating and the unfamiliarity with a new employer’s policies and procedures can make your head spin. Not to mention the hundreds upon hundreds of acronyms we are encouraged to practice, perform and prefer: TAKS, RAMP, PDAS, PASS, PSAT, STARS, SWAG and countless others…yikes.

But all that said, I’m having a good time. Guiding students through the publication process, watching them encourage each other, seeing genuine excitement on (some) of their faces as their work comes together; it really is—for lack of a better word—fun.

The papers are graded, the proof of the first edition of the paper is sitting on the coffee table and all my hair is still firmly attached to my head. Point Kelsey.


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