Trailer Treats

Some argue that Austin put breakfast tacos on the map (though personally I was eating breakfast tacos from Casa Galaviz long before I moved to Austin—call me a trendsetter). It could also be argued that Austin is making food trailers the hottest new commodity in urban dining. Obviously street food has been around the block (ha) but Austin seems to be taking it to a new level.

This weekend we hit up Odd Duck and Gourdoughs, two South Lamar trailer favs. I’m embracing the uprising in trailer eateries for several reasons.

1. It’s a great way to eat cheap. You skip on the service (though I’d say trailer servers have often outdone the more traditional table service staff on friendliness) and you can forgo the traditional 20 percent (if you’re a good human) tip. Additionally, most places are BYOB which helps when trying to save that extra cash.

2. Ambiance. There is no better way to experience Austin than right on the street where the action is happening. Maybe you get a little traffic noise, but it’s all a part of city living.

3. The food is good. And it’s usually pretty original. Trailer food isn’t mass produced, so it’s usually a little more unique and often fresher than the frozen meat patties and economy sized cans of tomato sauce generally stocked in sit-down restaurants.

Gourdough’s offers a unique twist on the traditional donut, adding candy, syrup and creme cheese toppings to an already over sized pastry. Pictured here is The Peach, but they also had an option called Bring on the Heath, which made us giggle.

Odd Duck serves tiny portions of gourmet food. Some of the menu items include quail, pork shoulder and duck egg. It may be gourmet, but all menu items range from just $4 to $6.


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