Holiday Adventures [part 1]

Heath and I have two (TWO!) glorious weeks off work for what the kids call “winter break.” So we made a pact to make these two weeks some of the most fantastic ever. Enter our blog equivalent of a television network Christmas special—HOLIDAY ADVENTURES!

Adventure 1: A Very Light House Christmas.

Our friends over at The Light House put together a little shin dig last Friday complete with a white elephant gift exchange, a rotation of virtual fireplace videos, gingerbread village and my sausage turnovers (actually mom’s recipe, thanks mom). Here are some of my favorite images from the evening.

[Heath’s White Elephant gift…that’s three rolls of wrapping paper.]

[Val goes for Heath’s giant gift.]

[Three boxes later, it’s a gargoyle. Val is pleased.]

[Heath likes his gift.]

[So does bro.]

[My contribution. Get it? Tooth hurty!]

[The aftermath]

The end. Stay tuned for more in our HOLIDAY ADVENTURES! series.


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