An Office Makeover

Our extra bedroom was the catch-all room for a while. The original wood floors were in bad shape, Heath uses the closet as his own and it was quickly becoming the room where we stored items not fit for other areas of the house. You can imagine after a year of walking by that corner of the house and shuddering, it was time for a makeover. Behold the before and after.

You can see in the photo on the left that the floors had seen better days. We plan to fix them up at some point, but until then it’s an Ikea rug that will remedy that situation. The room had two separate desks (even though we share one computer), a bulky dresser and no sleeping options for the occasional overnighter. After the wedding Heath and I sold most of our bulky furniture in exchange for some smaller, lighter pieces. That helped the space a lot, but it was still so dark and dreary. We lightened things up with a bright pink day bed from Urban Outfitters, which doubles as a sleeping space. Heath actually built the bench himself.

Still, getting rid of the dresser and book shelf left us with a tricky storage problem. The solution? Stackable wooden cubes. Heath put these together one afternoon over the holiday. I arranged them against the wall for a look that mimics built-ins. The great thing is that we can rearrange them or add to them as we need to. Super easy and cheap.

We also hung prints from a botanical book we picked up at Recycled Books in Denton. They add much needed interest to the room and help balance everything out. As most things are, it is still a work-in-progress, but it is starting to feel more and more like the inspiration room below as far as the style and color pallet.

And if nothing else, I know Wyatt likes it.

2 Comments on “An Office Makeover”

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