Headboard Heaven

Does a homemade headboard warrant its own blog post? It does when it:
a) changes your life and the feel of the entire bedroom, and
b) can be made in an afternoon for less than $100.

Behold our transformation…

I’ve wanted to make one of these for awhile, but was always a little intimidated by price and my ability to make it not look obviously homemade. I was inspired by my friend Heather who made one of her own and gave me a few pointers.

[My inspiration courtesy my friend HB.]

So on a cheery Sunday Heath and I hit up Lowe’s and JoAnn Fabrics (which fortunately was having a 50%-off fabric sale that day) to gather the needed supplies. The whole project from the time we left the house to go to the store to the time we installed it on the wall was about 3 hours, not too shabby.

Heath picked out the fabric (I designated him with that task so I wouldn’t mistakingly choose something too feminine) and did the wood cutting while I was responsible for covering the plywood in foam and fabric and manning the staple gun. The part that took the longest was actually covering the buttons in fabric. Our tweed material was a bit too thick for the button covering kit which inevitably caused a healthy amount of F-bombs to be dropped…but that’s another story. (Just be aware should you too decide to take on the challenging world of button covering.) Overall though, I am very happy with the final outcome. Now our entire bed (excluding linens) is completely hand made by residents of the doodle house.

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