The food you love with the one(s) you love

Valentine’s Day has important meaning to we Robinsons. Yes, of course, like everyone else we like to celebrate our love by showing abundant affection for one another, but it’s also the anniversary of Bryan’s death. So we committed to taking that day to  celebrate with many of the people we love and not just each other because life is short. And so was born the Valentine’s Dinner.

Last year was the first event. It included an evening at The Lighthouse with fondue and fixings and a brief viewing of Tyrannosaurus Sex on The Discovery Channel. This year we upped the guest list, lost the dino porn and hosted at The Doodle House. The event is on its way to becoming one of my favorite traditions.

This year’s guest list:
Eric & Lisa

Santiago & Alex
Rob & Kat

Mark & Ranjana (in spirit)

The menu:
Wedge salad

Olive oil mashed potatoes
Homemade honeywheat bread
Steamed veggies
Shrimp kabobs
Banana pudding

The six-hour wine and dine fiesta was filling both in conversation and food. Everything fromThe Game to peanut butter and onion sandwiches was up for discussion and the laughter and loving was ample. Why take a day and celebrate with one when you can celebrate with many?


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