Return of the Waxwing

It happens every year like clockwork. The weather warms, the trees being to bud and the sky rains poop.

Specifically poop of the Cedar Waxwing.

I was first introduced to the massive migratory groups of Waxwing last winter when, one day before heading out to work I grabbed an umbrella because I assumed, based on the consistent sound of light sprinklings, that the sky was falling in the H20 sense. Only when I actually stepped outside did I discover it was the constant, never-ending noise of roosting Waxwings. It seems when the weather starts warming, our pecan trees make the perfect home for these pretty yellow birds and their not-so-pretty brown poop.

Much as I appreciate their visit, I am looking forward to the days where I can safely walk to my car without the fear of being “rained” on.


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