Found: Lost Soul Revue

The Lost Soul Revue is a 10-man band that covers hits by everyone from Elvis Presley to Tina Turner. Fellow Austin dwellers should check them  out at their next show and here’s why.

  • The dancing. I dare you not to at least tap your toes at one of their shows, if not break out completely into a full-body gyration. The tempos that come roaring out of this ensemble are completely irresistible.
  • The set list. Say what you will about cover bands, but everyone once in a while you need to hear a familiar tune and this group plays them right, bringing all the soul of the originals and then some. It’s great to be able to sing along with old classics that get your heart pounding and feet moving.
  • The vocals. Two ladies and one fella make up the vocal part of this group and each vocalist is sensational. Their stage presence leaves little to be desired and their voices can carry across the room, even over the intense vibrations of a guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, saxophone and trombone. No muffled voices or garbled lyrics here.

Check them out. You will be glad you did.

One Comment on “Found: Lost Soul Revue”

  1. kmom says:

    Maybe a new Brave Combo in the making.

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