Notes on a recent FDP

FDP as in Free Drink Party.

My friendships with some folks I met at the paper have exposed me to many a wonderous new thing from food trailers, to great local bands, and the like. But perhaps the best thing I’ve learned from these folks is the existences and whereabouts of Free. Drink. Parties.

There seems to be at least one a week (with some being freer and drinkier than others). They are thrown by businesses or organizations celebrating anything from a new opening, to an anniversary to just wanting an excuse to have a party. Seeing as how I am a) a woman on a budget and b) an enjoyer of fun, my dependence on these free social gatherings has grown all the more steady.

A few weeks ago we attended a promotional event at the Palm Door. The downtown event venue turned 3 and celebrated with a nautically themed party which included pirate-inspired music by THAT damned band, free food by Pink Avocado, water colors at the bar, and all the red, white and blue accoutrement you can imagine. The event was tame by FDP standards, but the decor, food and venue itself were each incredible from the floating cotton candy-looking clouds that hung from the rafters to the delicious gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches served in Chinese take-out containers and the bartender who was equal parts feisty and jovial. How delightful that events like this exist.

All photos by Paige Newton Photography.

2 Comments on “Notes on a recent FDP”

  1. kmom says:

    These occur in Denton as well as Austin you think?

  2. […] no, again. I’m not talking about a trippy dream but rather the Free Drink Party hosted at our friendly neighborhood Gap last Friday. Gap celebrated…winter(?) last weekend […]

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