New friends

To mend our broken hearts after the passing of Ruby and to give Marion a new playmate, we stocked the house with two new friends this weekend: A buff orpington named Helen (because she is a hot blonde chick like Helen of Troy) and a black minorca named Francis Sue (after my grandmother, another hot chick).

They have another two weeks of living life under the roof of the doodle house before they are permitted to brave the dangerous outdoors. Waking up to dainty little cheeps sure beats the the horrific call of the rooster, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that both of these new friends carry only dos equis chromosomes.


2 Comments on “New friends”

  1. kmom says:

    Adorable. Does Marion show any maternal behaviors?

  2. Joy Stateson says:

    Awww! New Grand chicks!

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