FDP-Live Oak Brewery Turns 14

“You’ve got to tour Live Oak Brewery,” our friends Nick and Melissa told us. “It’s the best beer in Austin.”

Seeing as how we take the advice of Nick and Melissa very seriously, we penciled in a tour of Live Oak Brewing Company for Saturday after our farm tour. Because after all, why make promises to indulge in healthy veggies if you aren’t going to follow it up with the consumption of unhealthy beer.

It turns out we picked the perfect time to hit up Live Oak, as it was celebrating its 14th anniversary with free beer, live music and delicious food. But free beer or no, the brewery is still worth checking out and the beer is certainly worth paying for. Their hefeweizen is full of flavor and texture, but doesn’t weigh you down the way other varieties might. And their new chipotle beer left the back of your throat tingling after even a small sip—maybe not great for everyday drinking but certainly a great conversation piece. The staff was friendly, the crowd was grateful, and the beer left me wanting more.

If you’ve never had Live Oak, I highly recommend it.

Who doesn’t love a Boston Terrier in a bicycle basket?

We saw this buggy on our exit from the brewery, which got Ranjana really excited and reminded her of India.

Oh Austin adventures, you never cease to amaze me.

2 Comments on “FDP-Live Oak Brewery Turns 14”

  1. kmom says:

    does seem as if there is a never ending supply of …everything, in Austinburg.

  2. […] 15th anniversary celebration. I attended an eerily similar event last year which I blogged about here. The biggest difference between that event and this one is mostly (and by mostly, I mean totally) […]

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