Sunday Gardening: Befores and Afters

Wait. Something’s off. My watch tells me that today is May 1, which for most native Texans means the beginning of unbearably warm summers. But today, something is different. Could the swaying of trees and reasonable temperatures mean there is a—what’s the word—breeze in the air? Could that formation of frozen ice crystals hanging in the sky in the distance mean that rain, wonderful, life-giving rain is actually on its way to Austin? Hallelujah! The prophecy the weather gods foretold has finally come to pass! 

While the rest of the world has experienced rain, hail and even tornadoes, Austin’s weather has been fairly stagnant and predictable, aka hot, humid and heavy. Granted I’m not complaining we haven’t experienced earth shattering tornadoes, or floods on par with tsunamis, but a little rain in Central Texas would be a good thing, Nay, a great thing. Day after day and week after week, Austin residents have been promised an appearance by the elusive, mysterious creature known as rain, but for more than a month we’ve not seen a drop; however, this morning showed indicators that rain was on it’s way. As if preparing for a harsh winter or Y2K calamity, Heath and I bolted out the door and stocked up on a different kind of must-have accessory for potentially rainy weather…new plants!

Greenery acquired, we began watching the sky and moving at tremendous speeds to get our new additions in the ground and in their pots just before the approaching storm could give them and our other chlorophyll friends a much-needed glass of water. There is no rain yet, but already our yard is looking fresher. Behold our befores and afters.



Alright rain, let’s see what you’ve got.

One Comment on “Sunday Gardening: Befores and Afters”

  1. kmom says:

    Wish I could send you some of the 3″ of rain we got today (minus the 3 times we got hail) . Really hope you get some relief from the drought.

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