Another man’s treasure

I like to pretend that my fascination with and adoration of vintage furniture and knick knacks is rooted in and based on actual interest and not of the that’s-all-we-can-afford ilk. But who am I really kidding. Despite being out of college and now one of millions of living, breathing working adults in this country, I admit that 90 percent of the furniture in our house is either a) a hand-me-down, b) homemade or c) purchased second-hand… not ideal for the wannabe interior designer that lurks within. Luckily, we live in Austin and the city has no shortage of wonderful places to visit if you’re in search for a truly unique furniture find that is second hand, yes, but also completely funky and affordable.

Last weekend we took inventory at a few of our favorite second-hand shops in Central Austin. Even if you’re not in the market to buy, these places are least worth dropping in if only to oogle at their outrageously wonderful mid-century modern treasures.

Uptown Modern
5453 Burnet Road, Austin

This place is ideal for tracking down well put-together Danish modern finds at reasonable prices. We actually transitioned from window shoppers to real-life customers when we purchased a dresser there last year—marking our first major furniture purchase as a married couple. The prices are moderate, it’s true, but what’s fun about this place is the set up and showcase or each of their pieces. The organization is spectacular and walking through the doors really feels like walking onto the set of Mad Men.

Room Service Vintage
107 E. North Loop,  Austin

As great for its clothing, light fixtures, and kitchenware as it is for its furniture, Room Service Vintage is, to me,  the anchor vintage shop of myriad second-hand joints popping up in this corridor of North Loop. The atmosphere is hip, the shopkeepers friendly, and the walls always covered in wonderful ’50s through ’70s eye candy from retro clocks to back issues of Playboy.

Second hand? Yes. Boring? Never.

2 Comments on “Another man’s treasure”

  1. kmom says:

    Have you checked out the magazine “Atomic Ranch”?

  2. […] mentioned here, I love the clean lines and bright colors typical of mid-century modern motifs. It’s also a […]

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