I get the concept of brunch. You take the first meal of the day, breakfast, and combine it with the second, lunch. Tada…Brunch. Noted. I got the concept just fine; it’s breakfast for late risers.

For some reason I was never a big bruncher. Weekends are precious and we don’t have the time to waste preparing elaborate mid-day meals. The days ought to, instead, be filled with swimming, shopping, dog walking and other activities that are “productive” and don’t squander the best part of a summer Sunday, the morning time.

But when Ranjana suggested a group brunch where each couple spends the morning contributing to a divine breakfast/lunch combo that tickles all the senses and provides a much-needed bonding experience, I found it hard to say no. Brunch it would be.

The menu:
• Pigs in a blanket
• Scrambled eggs with cheese
• Chipotle  sweet potato tamales
• Fresh peaches, strawberries and blueberries
• Bacon
• Bloody Marys, coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice
• Salsa

It turns out cooking with friends and enjoying a community meal, even if it is mid-day, is not a squander of time. It’s a celebration of diverse backgrounds, friendship and genuine deliciousness. What better way to create a family away from home than over a group brunch? Consider me sold on Sunday brunch.

Heath prepares the O.J.

A Bloody Mary sans celery and instead with bacon. At the end, the bacon tastes so good. Give it a try.

Even the dogs get to enjoy a little brunching.

Brunch time agrees with Heath.

3 Comments on “Brunch”

  1. Hmom says:

    Fun! Heath, you look a so much like your Dad, especially without the facial hair!

  2. kmom says:

    those chipotle sweet potato things sound dramatic, I’m a brunch fan though and need no convincing.

  3. […] and general merriment (I backed out on a Halloween house party, Fun Fun Fun Fest night shows and Sunday Brunch at the Dog Majal just to name a few). No offense to the new house, but after confining myself to to our mini piece […]

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