Blues on the Green

For 21 years now Austin’s most rad radio station, 93.3 KGSR, has been putting on a great little diddy called Blues on the Green. It’s a super cool, super free, super Austin concert taking place every Wednesday night during the summer months. It sounds too good to be true and embarrassingly, I had never made it out to the free, fun-filled music fest till yesterday.

I picked the right time to go. A rare summertime rain visited Austin the day before the concert and painted Zilker Park with vibrant shades of green–without which it would have been “Blues on the Brown.” But what’s even better is that the rain cooled the park down to a chilly 80 degrees. The weather was great and people across the city showed up by the hundreds to lounge on the lawn and jam along with  The Bright Light Social Hour.

Other things to know about Blues on the Green if, like me, you are a festival novice:

*Bring your own beer. A newbie to B on the G, I didn’t know how strict the rule-making people would be when it came to things like bringing in your own coolers of adult beverages. Officially you’re allowed to bring a cooler to the park, but in compliance with city codes, alcoholic beverages are banned. No one seemed to be following the latter part of that rule and enjoyed their koozie clad beers with no fear being “busted.” Do the right thing, though, and leave the glass bottles at home. Lots of tots run around the park barefoot during the performances and cutting up their innocent feet with the glass of poisonous alcoholic beverages is a bit grinch-like.
 *Bring your own kids.
Despite aforementioned bullet point, this is definitely a kid-friendly event and will be one of those things that childhood memories are made of. So pack the stroller and the diaper bag and take the kiddos some place where they can run around wild outside and you can take a much needed break on the lawn.
 *Bring your dog. The dog watching at Zilker is top notch. Officially the rules are “on leash only” but quite a few folk will unhitch their well-behaved canines during the show.

Don’t be like me, make Blues on the Green part of your summertime routine.*


*Rhyme not intended, but still awesome.














3 Comments on “Blues on the Green”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was funny that you said, “Bring Your Own Kids.” At first glance I thought you were going to say there was a problem with parents bringing other peoples kids to the park…that would be odd.

  2. kmom says:

    I like the photos and am amazed how green Austin looks from one rain.

  3. Joy STATESON says:

    Sounds a bit like the Twilight Tunes on the square in Denton. LOVE IT!!!! Glad you guys received some rain 🙂 Love HMom

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