Do I really want to drive an hour north on I 35 to Georgetown for good eatin’ when there are hundreds, nay, thousands of trendy eating establishments in Austin? It certainly doesn’t seem like a task I would volunteer for. But after consuming vast amounts of freshly made strawberry lemonade and more than my fair share of flaky, buttery biscuits, I dare say a return trip to Georgetown is in the cards. Monument Cafe, thou hath converted me.

The cafe’s organic backyard garden provides much of the restaurant’s produce, and what isn’t grown there is sourced from local farms. The same goes for the eatery’s meat, poultry and dairy products. The on-site garden and menu of rich comfort foods combined with the sleek and minimalist interior provides a unique atmosphere that feels simultaneously homey and upscale.

And the food is good, really good. The menu is simple: club sandwiches, chicken fried steak, catfish, etc. But it doesn’t need to be fancy or novel because the quality of the ingredients and attention to detail is what has kept people coming to the cafe repeatedly since 1995.

It may be in Georgetown, but I can always find an excuse to visit the Round Rock outlet mall or stroll Georgetown’s historic square if it means I can stop for lunch at The Monument Cafe.

One Comment on “Monumental”

  1. kmom says:

    Looks somewhat similar to that east side garden restaurant in Austin, yes? I don’t think we have anything like that in Denton, though the Green House attempts some herbs and veggies out back, I discovered.

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