Come one, come all

…to our new and improved guest bedroom.

Once upon a time the room was a catch-all office. (see before and after part one here.) But now, almost 2 years after moving into the doodle house, the office has officially become a full-fledged guest bedroom. While I do subscribe to the theory that our couch is one of the most comfortable in Texas, I am thrilled to finally offer a real-deal bedroom to A-town travelers.

What all went down:

* Traded a twin-sized bench for a full-sized bed
* Scrapped a student-desk in exchange for something larger and more industrial (two file cabinets, spray painted turquoise and a treated piece of aspen wood stained in cherry)
* Stained bookshelves to match the desk

I probably won’t be a guest blogger for Martha Stewart anytime soon, but for now I’m pretty happy with our new space.

2 Comments on “Come one, come all”

  1. enter name here says:

    Looks really great! Like the style and colors. The Ronald Reagan in ’84 sticker on the entry door is a bit much though.

  2. kmom says:

    Doesn’t look like the same room, for sure. Looks like Stella may have claimed it already. Good job. The Reagan sticker would keep me from sleeping.

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