Not your grandmother’s farmers market

How, HOW can I possibly make my life appear as exciting and exotic as possible? I mean, I’m competing with the entire internet. Have you seen the internet lately? There is some crazy stuff happening there. So how can I  make a trip to the farmers market sound invigorating and modern and sexy? Maybe by mentioning some of the more interesting details of  the HOPE Farmers Market.

Invigorating: The free cocktails and beer. Free drinks are becoming increasingly mandatory at Austin events and the HOPE market is embracing that idea tenfold. To ease the heat-related sorrows of midday market goers, HOPE offers obscenely delicious cocktails and local brews for the price of free–a good move considering the river of free flowing vodka lemonade kept us in the 100-plus degree heat about an hour longer than I would have normally planned. Live music…that didn’t hurt either.

Modern: The location. The setting of the HOPE market has an intriguing history. During the South by Southwest music festival, the small collection of art studios on East 5th Street is transformed from a mini artist colony into a hipster’s dream also known as  Fader Fort . But when the glitz and glam of SXSW is over, the East side art space transforms yet again. Only this time the change is less hipster, more hippie. Less one-week parade and more a 4-hour celebration of all things local, namely the HOPE market.

Sexy: The Art. One perk of hosting a farmers market within an artist’s paradise is the easy access to pieces by local artists. Fresh food and free art…sexy indeed.

So, yeah, Internet. I’m cool too. I can hang. My life, and specifically this blog, is  invigorating, modern and sexy. Deal with it.

2 Comments on “Not your grandmother’s farmers market”

  1. kmom says:

    Not to denigrate Denton’s farmer’s market, but 5 pickups on a parking lot doesn’t compare. I really like the pepper bobbing and art. Can’t believe there was so much produce in this horrid heat and drought.

  2. […] fiesta at Pine Street Station (home of favorite SXSW destination Fader Fort and in SXSW off season, Hope Farmer’s Market) celebrated the launch (albiet a little tardy) of the Austin portion of CultureMap, a […]

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