Banned, Burned, Seized and Censored

I must be the most cultured, talented and sophisticated woman in America because friend Christine approached me to act as the photographer of record for the opening of a new exhibition at the Harry Ransom Center, Banned, Burned, Seized and Censored, a look into the art of censorship in America.

Maybe she asked me because I hold the previously stated qualities, or maybe because she knows I’m a closet dork and love the whole censorship study. But more realistically, maybe she knew I am a sucker who will do anything so long as I can bring a camera and there is gratis food and drink. Whatever. I heard the words “photography” and “censorship” and immediately, I was in.

If the pictures didn’t convince you, take my word for it. It’s an exhibition worth seeing.

Banned, Burned, Seized and Censored
Now through January 22
Harry Ransom Center


3 Comments on “Banned, Burned, Seized and Censored”

  1. kmom says:

    This looks like it was quite a do. Wish I could have been there. Would like to see a list of the tabu works. I think I HAVE read once censored books before just to see what the hubbub was about.

  2. […] be working the event as as photographer (see photos from the last exhibit opening here), and Heath will be tagging along to enjoy the free food, booze and education. So his weekend will […]

  3. […] to practice my photography skills on them, whether it’s taking engagement photos or capturing the intricate details of museum openings. Most recently I got to play photog at an Austin Writes Music showcase downtown that benefitted […]

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