ACL: Day 1

Austin City Limits music festival is back in town, which means we are in for 3 days packed full of tremendous people watching, $5 beers, and sinfully sweet live music performances by our favorite artists.

Enjoy photos from day one, which featured performances by Fools Gold, Foster the People (my pick for best Friday performance) and Kanye West.

With two days left of the festival to enjoy, a more detailed account of the experience will have to wait until later.

Day 2, see ya soon.

2 Comments on “ACL: Day 1”

  1. kmom says:

    Very nice shots (especially the light sticks). Just came from the Denton Blues Fest. Enjoyable, but only about .05% as big as Jazzfest or ACL.

  2. […] little more than a year ago, we were making our way toward the 2011 ACL music festival when our realtor called to tell us the sellers of a little house on Corona Drive had accepted our […]

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