Naughty Pine

I didn’t think I would ever perform a google search for the term “knotty pine,” or as I more commonly think of it, naughty pine, but certain recent developments, which shall reveal themselves in greater detail later, have had me on a mission to figure out how to make knotty pine look not so naughty.

Normally I love all design components from the 1950s-60s, but knotty pine is one element I would be happy to leave in the midcentury. Don’t get me wrong, in a log cabin or other woodland retreat, I would welcome the rustic look no questions asked. But for some reason it is just not a look that says, “Hello, an urban Austinite lives here.”

The knotty pine kitchen from Mad Men

The knotty pine kitchen on Mad Men is probably the only room from the show I didn’t want to emulate. But I guess when you embrace the midcentury look you must embrace it all.

Fortunately, the great beast we call Internet had a few suggestions that gave me hope for a knotty pine kitchen.

(Photos from Retro Renovation)

Knotty pine brought up to date

Bright colors lighten up a knotty pine pallet

A midcentury kitchen

And that will pretty much do it for the knotty pine spaces I can aspire to. I haven’t written it off yet, but let’s consider knotty pine on probation.

6 Comments on “Naughty Pine”

  1. kmom says:

    These are not awful. I especially like the first update pictured. That last turquoise one looks EXACTLY like a house we looked at last year (when house hunting) complete with original colorful appliances.

  2. Maggie says:

    it’s not bad if you work with it, but if you don’t like it couldn’t you just get a sander and go to town with some prime and paint?

  3. […] smells good. It is a far cry from the original. Despite at first HATING the knotty pine (and blogging about it here) I ultimately decided to keep it.  One reason for keeping the O.G. cabinets is to salvage […]

  4. […] come around on knotty pine, which I have been known to refer to as “naughty pine” on more than one occasion. When cleaned up and paired with appropriate fixtures, appliances and wall colors, knotty pine can be […]

  5. […] the naughty pine cabinets, which was a surprise even to me. At first, I jokingly referred to them as naughty pine, but that style is so indicative of the era the house was built in that I hesitated to change it. […]

  6. […] commentors. In fact, when we first purchased our new house, I even wrote a blog entitled “Naughty Pine” all about how much I hate how knotty pine cabinets look. They were, I reckoned, dated and […]

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