Modern Eclectic

And the answer we were looking for folks was “modern eclectic.” Yes, “modern eclectic” is the correct answer.

In the past couple of weeks I have become somewhat of an expert at performing google image searches. (It’s a very difficult process. Needless to say, many of you will never be able to master the art.) The primary objective of said searches is to find interior design inspiration for *ahem* someone’s upcoming relocation project. Yep, we are buying our first home and I’m needing some decoration guidance without having to actually READ anything or put in any intellectual research.

Finding the key words that get you to the most applicable images the fastest really might be some kind of a weird talent, and it took me a long time to find the right mix of random interior design-ish adjectives to produce photos of scenes I can realistically imitate. Like Goldy Locks, I combed through the internet searching for those key phrases that would get me to to inspiration images that were “just right.”

“Mid Century Modern” turned up some awesome shots that ultimately were too minimalistic or ridiculously unattainable. “Colorful Interiors” lead me to images of what appear to be fun-houses. And a slew of other randomly placed together words got me close, but not quite there.

Enter MODERN ECLECTIC—the term vague enough to encompass all things modern, traditional and in between. The wishy-washy, bi-polar, ADD wannabe designers like myself finally have a designated style to call their own. Modern Eclectic it shall be. Behold the fruits of my labor.

That last one is a real-life inspiration from my friend Maggie. Check her place out on airbnb.


Cheers to Modern Eclectic, and hopefully soon you’ll be seeing real photos of the doodlehouse 2.0….

6 Comments on “Modern Eclectic”

  1. Heather says:

    Cute! Where are y’all buying? and When?

  2. kmom says:

    FINALLY. A style where I can park my bike in the house and it looks cool.
    I like these alot and think they look like you. I am especially impressed with the headboard bar.

  3. Allison H. says:

    precisely my style as well. love it. do you use pinterest? if you don’t. you should. its a great place to keep all your inspiration! Good luck with home buying. it’s an emotional rollercoaster! 🙂

  4. Maggie says:

    woop wooooop THERE’S MY BAR! I MADE THAT! thanks for the love, girl.

  5. […] It’s quite possible I’m close to reaching my goal of having a living room that fits the modern eclectic description I was aiming for. Of course, once I achieve that, I’ll probably decide to switch […]

  6. […] an oriental rug paired with sleek modern design.  It’s totally in step with the whole “modern eclectic” vibe I’m going for. So, immediately I went in search of more inspiration to satiate my […]

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