Adventures in Handiness

Ladies of the world, heed my words. Marry not for riches but instead for handiness.

The move to doodlehouse 2.0 (working title), fabulous though it may be, has brought to light how helpless I am and how handy the mister is. I’ve shared tales of Heath’s handiness before, but things are getting a little out of hand. Heath has been taking do-it-yourself projects to an extreme level. Pretty soon we may even decide to forgo paying the city to run electricity to our house and instead elect to develop a system in which our house is powered with a rowboat manned by talking Guinea pigs.

In one week of home ownership, Heath has:
• Replaced 3 light fixtures
• Installed our washer/dryer
• Installed a dryer vent
• Installed bathroom shelving
• Replaced a shower head
• Upped the water pressure
• Unclogged the bathroom sink
• Hooked up the ice maker
• Installed a lock and deadbolt

All done in under a week. And lets not forget about the bed, book shelves, study bench, chicken coop, and media consul all built from the ground up by Handy McBuildson.

Renting a moving truck— $40
Cost to dine out daily while waiting for your new fridge to be delivered—$2380423525
Marrying a champion do-it-yourself Wunderkind–priceless.

3 Comments on “Adventures in Handiness”

  1. MomJoy says:

    So glad to hear things are going well. Heath has taken after his dad in so many ways…his personality, looks, charm…to mention a few and now handiness ! This is so awesome. Pictures please;). Love you guys. MomJoy

  2. kmom says:

    EEK! no pictures?? I’m a visual learner and need images. Yes, Heath is a Renaissance man, but you are his muse.

  3. Maggie says:

    Seriously. Pictures. As your third most devoted reader after your mothers, I’m growing impatient.

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