Privacy Please

The one downside to the new abode is that our backyard leaves little to the imagination. A wimpy little chain-link fence is all that separates our yard from the neighbors to the left, the right and the rear. I’m no prude but I would like for the backyard to show a little modesty. So I’m on the hunt for privacy ideas that are a tad unconventional but majorly awesome. Maybe it’s just me being a contrarian, but the tried and true vertical wood-post fences just won’t do it for our yard. She needs something with pizazz. Something like this…

This cinderblock wall from Big Red Sun doubles as a planter.

As does this little number.

I’ve always loved these mid-century decorative concrete blocks. And the time period matches our house.


When all esle fails, I look to nature’s privacy screen: plants.


3 Comments on “Privacy Please”

  1. kmom says:

    I will do my best to intro some other ideas I’ve come across, tho I am quite fond of these. Looking forward to seeing things in person in order .to give my expert opinions

  2. Joy Stateson says:

    Always in favor of privacy, although my current home offers none. I like the cute brick one. Probably not inexpensive, though.

  3. […] this torch idea from Design Sponge is practically inevitable.  The only hiccup is waiting for the privacy fence to go up before something like this could be installed. That probably won’t happen until […]

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