Yard Work

DISCLAIMER: the yard is in no way near completion. Not even close. But after working from dawn till dusk today to make it one step closer to a mini urban paradise, I felt compelled to offer up a few before/(almost) after photos of the progress.

Before–a dead fig tree took over a substantial portion of the backyard…a portion that Heath saw as ideal for veggie growing.

After–we took a pick ax to the fig tree and added new gardens and a chicken coop.

The owners before said a bird bath and wild flowers inhabited this odd, circular dead patch of yard.

We turned the same space into a  graveled area for socializing. Firepit included.

When we moved in, there was no landscaping to speak of, plus the patio had an exposed air conditioning unit smack dab in the middle that was a devastating eye sore.

To disguise the AC unit but keep the required ventilation, I surrounded it with decorative concrete blocks topped with some of my favorite potted plants. I thought the end result was not too shabby.

So that’s just the beginning, but accomplishing the baby steps definitely makes me dream big for the future. Stay tuned for more.

2 Comments on “Yard Work”

  1. kmom says:

    Man, I didn’t see the true “before” when I was there. It’s transforming before my eyes. Heath’s garden is so darn cute and the ac treatment is much more than a disguise. Bravo!

  2. Joy Stateson says:

    Beautiful, you guys are so amazing!!

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