Port Probs

When we bought out shiny new house in October, a shiny new carport came with it. We’ve never even had a driveway before, let alone a carport, so we were pretty excited about the upgrade.

The only problem with the pseudo garage is that it makes me feel a little exposed. Our side entrance to the house is visible from the street, and because of the unique lay of the land, many folks confuse it for the front entrance; and I’m just not crazy about strangers sneaking up on me while I do dishes in the kitchen. (I much prefer being startled from the comfort of my living room.) What’s more, is the carport is where we keep our recycling and trash bins as well as few other household do-dahs, and I’m sure our neighbors aren’t 100 percent thrilled with staring at our garbage receptacles all day. Some sort of privacy screen is in order.

A glance around the hood told me this is an issue our other neighbors have as well. Many of them created carport enclosures with corrugated metal or wooden lattice, but I see something grander on our horizon. A little internet research got the wheels turning…

Kara Paslay Designs had this nifty idea for a carport concealer, that I feel is pretty doable.

A scene featured on Danger Garden used stain glass as a privacy screen.

Mid-Century Living has a wealth of information when it comes to designing carport covers that fit in with the style of our house.

I’m not entirely sure where building a carport privacy screen falls on our list of priorities, but it has officially made the new home to-do list.

2 Comments on “Port Probs”

  1. kmom says:

    I vote for the first solution, horizontal boards with vines. You definetly need that as a view rather than the neighbor’s boat. It would be near the top of my list.

  2. Scott says:

    I think I might have a privacy screen built similar to the one at the bottom right. Can you tell me which book you got this from?

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