TV Tricks

For better or for worse, in American culture a sign of status, wealth and “making it” is getting a large flat-screen TV. I remember fondly the day Heath and I maneuvered our way through screaming babies and angsty teens at  the local Walmart at 9 p.m. on a Saturday to pick up ours after I got myself a Big Girl Job. “Yeah,” we thought to ourselves. “We’re doing alright.”

The funny thing is, while every blue blooded American is expected to have a flat screen, most designers tell us not to display it.“A Television should never be the focal point of a room.”  and “Overtly displaying a large flat screen is tacky.”   What gives? First you tell me I have to have one, now you’re telling me it’s lame. Not cool, society.

I wouldn’t normally give too much thought to this conflict of interest, opting instead to take on Eric Cartman’s “Whatever, I do what I want” mentality, but the problem is that I really have no idea how to gussy up the vast wall of nothingness behind my television.

It’s the antithesis of good design. In fact, it’s no design at all. It’s just there. This big black box in front of a big white wall. Uninspiring.

I can’t mount it over a fireplace (we don’t have one) or buy some ridiculously expensive piece of art to put behind it, but I can create a photo wall to bring some semblance of character to this otherwise drab portion of the doodle kingdom.

I suppose this weekend I will be whipping out the hammer and nails. Expect the “after” photo in the near future…

7 Comments on “TV Tricks”

  1. Very Cool! I like these Ideas allot!

  2. kmom says:

    Man! I was expecting an “after” shot! Oh well, something to look forward to. BTW, I have been searching for those doors (vintage ’20’s) in the next to the last photo, but no can find.

  3. great looking ideas for surrounding that god awful screen with colour and/or creativity. As for me, we had our satellite disconnected last summer and haven’t missed watching TV even once.

  4. […] so long ago I posted here about my disgust with the TV set up in our new living room (our lives are filled with monumental […]

  5. […] so long ago I posted here about my disgust with the TV set up in our new living room (our lives are filled with monumental […]

  6. […] Here’s something to consider: Do you like arranging smaller picture frames in a gallery style or hanging just one big artwork? I feel a gallery wall is tricker to create among the two. To make this easier, I’ve a few eye-catching gallery art works to inspire you. I’m not able to figure the way these pictures are aligned..  and it doesn’t seem to matter whether these are symmetric or asymmetric; some have a few and some have too many; yet they are all extremely polished and elegant. There are tons of wall art gallery templates available on the internet in case you need some guidance. Or you might be able to just come up with one when you let your imagination wander… via: pinterest via: abeautifulmess via: via: pinterest via: clickitupanotch via: girlbytheseashore via: hgtv via: houzz via: via: thedoodlehouse […]

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