The Green Room

Is there anything better than a green wall? Maybe a green wall made of green money. But, besides that…no.

It might not be one of the most popular colors to paint a room, but I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for green. Some say it’s too bright or too polarizing. I say it’s too awesome.  Every house I’ve lived in during my adult life (including college) has undergone at least a slight green makeover during my tenure. I like to think of it as my trademark calling card. See green walls? Kelsey was here. But seriously, what’s not to love? It’s fresh and quirky and reminds me of nature and the great outdoors. I will always, ALWAYS have some kind of green paint in any home I live in. Cheers to Green houses!


12 Comments on “The Green Room”

  1. 2 of the 3 bedrooms in our house are painted in different shades of green:)

  2. What lovely inspiration. I dont think there is anything better than green walls. i am in the process of fixing a house, heritage green roof, green wooden kitchen doors, and guess what soon to be a couple green walls. It does add feshness to your home, its a naturally uplifting colour. Paint the world green. check it out and give me some hints and tips on design as that is where i have 2 left feet, but loads of magazines and other bloggers support and ideas.

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    Paint the world green.

  4. kmom says:

    Quite a variety there. Two rooms in my house are green. My favorite is “koi pond”. Love it.

  5. Melissa says:

    I love all the images you included! We struggled for a while to find a green paint color that we love. Major fail in our kitchen (a friend said the brown cabinets and green walls looked like mint chocolate chip ice cream). But we found our match for our master suite renovation: Olympic’s “Tabu” color, which doesn’t look green on the paint chip but is a wonderful faint green in our bedroom. Check out the after photos here:

  6. emmahevezi says:

    super 🙂 i love green, i think that when it is used appropriately it is amazing however it has to be used in limits and in the right setting! the images you have shown are lovely and have inspired me to be more creative when i decorate for myself 🙂
    thankyou for the inspiration!

  7. Heemers T. says:

    This is magnificent! Green is an awesome colour on its own but I’ve personally never liked/considered green-walled rooms before this, due to a bad experience in a house viewing with the most horrendous shade of green for a kitchen (I know you’re a big fan of green rooms, but that was another level of terrible). You’ve definitely won me over though, these are beautiful!

  8. I love these rooms! The bright colors and themes are fantastic!

  9. 365dots says:

    I am really starting to love green. I used to think it was ugly, but it is now one of my favorite colors to decorate with. It looks so fresh and makes other colors really pop. I am in love with this green kitchen idea

  10. I hate the brick on our home.I thought about painting it.I have seen several that were painted and they looked good.I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on itAnd maybe were to start.Thanks

  11. […] will be the best fit for this new style.) Along with the stencil wall, I also big adieu to the green accent wall.  That wall too felt a little funny painting over. I remember coming in the night we closed on […]

  12. Candace Lester says:

    can anyone tell me the color of green in the 3 picture and where I can get the grey, blue, and purple rug?

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