Barrels be Gone!

Remember when I posted here about the eye sore created by rainwater barrels, and then here about wanting to create a planter out of an old wooden pallet? Well this weekend we killed two birds with one stone by repurposing a pallet to hide two functional, yet frightful barrels. (For the record, I LOVE collecting rainwater and know the barrels–which combined hold more than 200 gallons of water–are a great, Great, GREAT thing to have, I just don’t love looking at them.)  I am wildly pleased by the end result.

I put Handyman Heath to work yet again to help me construct this fun creation that will hide our barrels and enable us put to good use a bit of the garbage we’ve been hoarding since the move. The entire project was actually pretty easy to put together.

It started with a pallet…

From there we used wood scraps leftover from other projects (like the fence and chicken coop) to create enclosed boxes within the pallet to harbor the plant life. After 30 minutes of drilling and sawing, the boxes were complete and ready for step 2–lining.

We lined the interior with leftover chicken wire (for extra support) and landscape fabric. Usually landscape fabric is used as a weed blocker, but in this case it serves a different function–helping the roots to breathe by allowing water and air to pass through more easily. This way, even in close quarters, the plants can get the aeration/ventilation they require. It’s sort of like the flowers are tenants in a ritzy but terribly small high-rise studio apartment. Sure there isn’t a lot of room to move around and the neighbors are obnoxiously close, but the central air is superb and the views are to die for.

Once the wire and fabric were in place, the fun part (gardening) could start. This is where I get to step in. Heath’s the master of carpentry, I am the master or color coordination. I know, I know…If we’re stranded on an island, my skill set is clearly the more useful and preferred one. Matching your coconut bra to your coral earrings > Building a shelter.

I’m happy the rain barrels are installed and doing their thing, but I’m even happier I don’t have to look at them. Hooray for Handyman Heath and resourceful garden makeovers.

17 Comments on “Barrels be Gone!”

  1. Mack Hops says:

    Very innovative! Cheers,


  2. Fantastic, what a difference, I love it!

  3. Rae says:

    Its beautiful! Are you going to eventually put three more sides?

  4. planthoarder says:

    Wow, clever. Can I borrow Heath?

  5. Very nice…much prettier view!

  6. kmom says:

    I wondered how you did that! Big improvement. Be prepared to replace some of those lovelies when the weather heats up.

  7. Oh gosh that does look a whole lot more attractive! And you get to grow more plants 🙂

  8. R. says:

    How did you manage to find a handyman that looks like a supermodel wearing beautiful clothes in all these pics where he’s working?! Kudos on the weekend accomplishment and having a great aesthetic eye 🙂

  9. lexy3587 says:

    We’ve got the double-rain barrel as well, but ours are (luckily) hidden around behind our garage, in an area rarely visited by anyone other than the dog. And he really doesn’t care about them except when I’m filling watering cans, at which point the running water is fascinating.

  10. Joy says:

    Love, love, love to hear about the fun and exciting adventures of “Handyman Heath” and his “Krackerjack-wife Kelsey”. You seem to have so much fun doing work around the house. Can’t wait to see you both soon. Love, Heath’s Mom!

  11. Allison H. says:

    looooove it! looks great Kelsey! a+

  12. busymomhelp says:

    The idea is great. I might try it out on my yard, too.

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