Honeysuckles we planted this fall are slowly starting to creep up our fence. I’m placing bets for how long it will take until the entire side fence is covered.

4 Comments on “Honeysuckle”

  1. Kmom says:

    Keep an eye out for hummingbirds. The honeysuckle bloom is always a harbinger of hummingbird arrival.

  2. I have a honeysuckle and I recently purchased a trellis for it because it likes to twine itself and the fence is not always forgiving, especially when the high winds come through. Last year it grew out and over the retaining wall and almost made it to the concrete patio. Mine is white and yellow and love the hot pink of yours:) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very pretty. We have a different view of honeysuckle in Missouri. Here, it’s considered invasive and is choking out natural wooded areas.

  4. Beautiful! I have never seen honeysuckle that color….love it!

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