A little formality never hurt anyone.

I like a little formality outdoors. It’s odd, for sure. Especially when you consider that the rest of my house and design tastes are anything but fancy pantsy formal. Nevertheless. That’s the design I keep going back to as we continue to build our garden plan.

Straight edges and lots of symmetry in the vegetable garden.

Maybe I like it because formal gardens remind me of the garden where we got married…

The patio at Laguna Gloria is all about clean lines and symmetry.

Or maybe I just like socking it to nature. “Haha, plants! You will grow how I tell you to grow!” But whatever the reason, when it comes to my yard, I am prone to design outdoor spaces that appear clean and controlled but still creative and colorful.

The contrast of being in a natural space but retaining a sense of order is extremely appealing, and, for me, the straight edges and streamlined design help the different colors and contrasting textures appear more vivid.

I am not exactly sure how we will navigate our yard so that it appears formal and orderly, what with chickens and labradoodles romping around everywhere, but it’s certainly a challenge that has my wheels turning.

3 Comments on “A little formality never hurt anyone.”

  1. kmom says:

    Those are some interesting designs to draw from…repetition and formal layout, but with new fangled plants like grasses and natives along with clipped boxwood and columnar junipers. Tricky juxtapositions, but pretty fun.

  2. There’s always challenges, and gardening always throws them at us! Looking at the photos you selected a lot seem to have rectangular shapes – be it grass, paving slabs, stones, flower beds. I see a theme! And some of the other photos reminded me of formal Italianate gardens. Happy gardening šŸ™‚

  3. hadleykaden says:

    I love it too. A couple of summers ago we had our backyard leveled and sod put in. I wanted straight and flat. Our gardener talked me into curving the lawn so the landscaping/plants would look better…but I am not so sure. Now if we could just get to that landscaping!

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