DIY Weekend Project: Galvanized Planter

This weekend was one for lots of little projects, but my favorite may have been creating a planter for an empty galvanized tank we have long been ignoring.

Sad, empty tank

For a while we debated whether to turn our tank into a fish pond water feature or to use it as a colorful entry planter. Some of these inspiration photos really pushed me over the edge when it came to deciding its fate.

Both options were appealing and had their pros and cons, but at the end of the day, a planter seemed more low maintenance. So we we went to work to make it happen.

Step 1: Fill the bottom with styrofoam packing peanuts. This helps with drainage. 

Step 2: Layer with peat moss and potting soil.  A lot of potting soil. We underestimated just how much at first, but those tanks don’t mess around and can hold a healthy amount. We ended up needing to make a few return trips to Home Depot for more. I think we ended up using something like 5 bags. 

Step 3: Once the soil is in, choose your plants and stage your area to figure out where everything will live before you get to digging.

Picking out the plant placement.

We knew we wanted a variety of texture, height and color in the planter to keep things interesting, and we knew we needed things that could do well in the heat and sun. Our final selections included:
– Heat tolerant pink geraniums (for color)
– Fortnight lily (for height)
– Ice plant (For drooping over the side and giving it a waterfall-ish look. We have had incredible luck with our ice plants, it’s one of the few that seems impossible to kill, even in Texas heat.)
– Sedum (for ground cover)

Step 4: Put them in the planter and you’re done! I love the end result.

Cost breakdown–

The whole project took less than an hour to put together, including travel time to and from the Home Depot to get materials, and it cost less than $100 to implement.  I’m embarrassed we let it sit empty for so long. Now we have a beautiful planter that makes a huge statement to our backyard visitors. I can’t wait to see how it changes and grows over time.

11 Comments on “DIY Weekend Project: Galvanized Planter”

  1. Kmom says:

    Looks good and will look better with time. Gotta check out that fortnight lilly, never heard of it.

  2. etexbill says:

    Wow!! If you can do it in Austin, I can do it in East Texas despite the heat. I’ll start tomorrow.

  3. rrogelsbree says:

    Reblogged this on wakinghearts and commented:
    Love this and wanna do this!

  4. busymomhelp says:

    It looks great. I have started on a similar, but smaller scale project in my yard, too.

  5. meeksiemum says:

    love it! also love the fact that you broke down the supplies and cost…thanks!

  6. Lisa says:

    Are drainage holes required?

  7. Looks very nice. I am always looking for ideas for planters. I like them rather than having a big garden.

  8. Hello,T
    This above post is too good regarding to the galvanized planters.These can be used for multipurpose.Thank you for this nice post…

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