Ain’t nobody here but us chickens (and a creeper with a camera)

The chippies aren’t really chippies anymore. They are more like chicken teens….chikeens, if you will. No eggs or anything yet, but they are getting pretty close to rivaling Frannie Sue in size. They’re big enough now that we’ve taken out the barrier that separated the chippies’ side of the coop from Frannie Sue’s side, so now they can all live in chicken harmony. They also get to roam the yard for bugs and steal lettuce from the garden every afternoon. Yep, it’s a pretty good life for the chickens these days.

Chickens are sometimes cute, but sometimes they look like raptors on the prowl.

6 Comments on “Ain’t nobody here but us chickens (and a creeper with a camera)”

  1. kmom says:

    Looks like chicken love. Too bad you can’t capture the chick grabbing a crane fly in mid air. They seem supremely happy scratching about.

  2. Love the Chicken Pics!!!

  3. Libby Keane says:

    The chickens look pretty happy roaming around the yard. Our chickens love to “help” in the garden too! They especially liked to help themselves to the tomatoes last year, as I recall. šŸ™‚

  4. Yes, you have found chicken love. We always enjoyed watching our chickens. They are so fun!

  5. busymomhelp says:

    Your chicken look so clean. Mine always get in dirt and dust!

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