What do you mean “dog” bed?

Every once in a while, as I’m perusing the interwebs for pictures of cute things, I inevitably come across some form of this same image…

A brilliantly eclectic living room accented with a cute beanbag-looking thing covered in some vibrant retro pattern and topped with an irresistibly cute puppy.

“Oh man,” I think. “That is just too adorable! Would you look at how that dog bed matches the room AND creates a perfect perch for that pooch! I MUST HAVE ONE!”

Next thing you know, I’m signed on to Etsy and coming dangerously close to spending too much money on an oversized pillow covered in funky fabric.

From Etsy Artist, Puppy Pillows Plus

From bradybunchremodel.com

From Sew Darn Cute

From Lilly and Abbie Dog Beds

From Apartment Therapy

Wait. Wait. Tap the Breaks. Kelsey, what are you doing? The dogs already have a bed. It’s called Every Piece of Furniture In The House.

Oh yeah. That’s right. I’m a terrible (or awesome?) dog owner and let the dogs lie wherever the heck they want….which is usually on the exact part of the couch, chair, or bed that I was hoping to chillax on. So what am I about to shell out $50 bucks for? Much as I might like to think it true, I’m not so sure the doggies would prefer a posh pillow over their existing spot—the couch.

Yeah, for some reason, I think I might wind up spending more time on the dog pillow than they would.

One day, I’ll demonstrate the will of a warrior. When they look at me with those puppy eyes and tilt their head in a way that reads, “Come on, there is room up there on the bed for us, too,” I will put my fist down and say, “NOT TODAY YOU MUTTS!” But until then, I will just scoot over and make room for my little beasts… because sometimes you’ve just got to give in to the cuddling.

5 Comments on “What do you mean “dog” bed?”

  1. Oh So Cute – to be a dog somedays!

  2. kmom says:

    Those doggies have you so well trained. I’m glad you realized they would never stoop to a dog bed.

  3. The life of a dog….hope they realize they just have it made.

  4. divinemslulu says:

    So cute, and SO true with my dog as well. He even uses me as furniture if I manage to sit still long enough. It’s pretty bad when your dog is so spoiled that he gives you an indignant look when you offer him a dog bed.

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