And so It begins

“It” being  the grand plan for the backyard. My genius landscaping mother (who I blogged about here) created quite the master plan for our backyard, and we have just now implemented step one…

This funky little space, before we moved in, housed a shed built by the previous owners, but it was demolished before we came into the picture, and we were left with rocky soil and lots o’ shade. We gave an herb garden a shot in the old space, but it didn’t quite work out. There was just too much shade from both the back patio and heath’s horizontal fence.

So we created what we are calling the zen garden…

Yes, nothing says “zen” quite like empty wine bottles and a whiskey barrel. Perhaps “The Alcoholic’s Garden” would have been more appropriate. (To be fair, we had help collecting the wine bottles for the border and the whiskey barrel planter was purchased elsewhere, though it still smelled of whiskey once we got our hands on it.) The new set up is perfect for the space. The rockiest parts were transformed into a mulch-covered path, and once the bay tree gets a little larger, we will have a spectacular shade tree paradise.

Fun fact: The bay tree has origins in Greek mythology. Legend has it, the roof of the temple of Apollo was covered entirely with bay leaves to protect the Gods from disease, witchcraft and lightening. The leaves of a bay tree are also the predominate leaf used in the laurels of olympians and poets. So…we’re in good shape when it comes to poetry and witchcraft and being Gods.

Things is starting to look real fine.

4 Comments on “And so It begins”

  1. kmom says:

    too shady for herbs? Maybe a tropical jungle then.

  2. copycatmom says:

    Love the wine bottles and whiskey barrel!

  3. Stacey@agoodehouse says:

    This is so great. Your hard work is paying off. Man, I hope you have more luck with your bay bush than I had with mine. They are yummy to cook with! Just found your blog and think it’s great. Pretty house, great yard, and looks like fun in Austin. ( we love to visit ) I’m in Texas so I know about those 100 degree days… they’re coming.

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