Was blind, but now I see: A five-minute kitchen fix

Mini blinds in the kitchen are just plain stupid. They collect dust and oil and keep out the natural light and are just about the most hideous things ever. So last week I decided to scrap the blinds on the kitchen door for a scarf I purchased for 25 cents at Goodwill. I definitely got my money’s worth out of that one.

Hooray for thrifty finds AND trashing blinds.

6 Comments on “Was blind, but now I see: A five-minute kitchen fix”

  1. I love the scarf idea!!

  2. Kmom says:

    I used a long World Market batik scarf, cut in half to make 2 panels and WA-LA,

  3. I actually found a cool product a few years back. It an enclosed mini blind system you physically attach to the door – love this thing!!! I also found a screen door with the screen enclosed – love that thing too!!!

  4. Libby Keane says:

    Love it. Now don’t throw out those mini blinds. cut the strings out of them, then cut them up for plant markers in the garden.

  5. LydiaBRB says:

    thanks this is great šŸ™‚

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