Heather’s Handsome Hideaway

This weekend I finally FINALLY got to set eyes upon my friend Heather’s gorgeous grownup apartment in Dallas. She’s been telling me tales of her fabulous abode for a year or so now and (because I’m the worst friend ever) I finally got around to seeing it. She wasn’t kidding. It was pretty spectacular. Decor was thought out and premeditated…not purchased on a whimsy like some folk do (moi). Way to go Heather, on being a real deal grownup and having a covetous apartment that I want to tell the world wide web all about.

2 Comments on “Heather’s Handsome Hideaway”

  1. kmom says:

    A really lovely and comfortable space. Reminds me of your taste, actually.

  2. etexbill says:

    If Heather is not an interior decorator, she should be. Wonderful photos.

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