A weird thing I never thought about until I tried to do it

I’m quickly learning that while I love to look at pretty things and can recognize something pretty when I see it, I am not so great at coming up with something pretty myself. Case in point, beautifying my dresser.

Until recently, my dresser sat in front of a window, practically negating any need for some sort of artful display of eclectic whatchamacallits on its surface. But in preparing for Bro’s arrival, we did some room switching and I was left with a simple dresser against a bare wall. I knew I wanted needed to do something to give it some gusto, but figuring out WHAT should go there was more difficult than I anticipated. Giant artwork was out of the question (I don’t own any) as was a television (we only have one and it’s in the living room). What I did have on hand though, was lots of mismatched junk. So I figured I could probably find some way to make several random pieces look good together. I mean, if Pinterest can do it…

I started fooling around with some of my favorite little pieces, but that’s when I figured out that, while some of the items in my inspiration images look like they were casually placed there, it actually takes a lot of thought to make several elements with varying characteristics work together cohesively. For example, when I tried to pair a framed map with a a jewelry stand, it looked more like a bag lady’s campsite than quirky but beautiful dressing table. I played around for a good 45 minutes before I finally threw in the towel and googled “How to dress a dresser.”

I felt like a chump.

Fortunately I am not the only person who has had this weird “problem,” and I found a great step-by-step guide to creating an area that is fashionable and functional.

And with that little maneuver, I came just a little bit closer to having a grownup house. Move over, Martha.

4 Comments on “A weird thing I never thought about until I tried to do it”

  1. Kmom says:

    I like yours more than the others, actually.

  2. Ha! I think it’s funny you said “grown up house”. I asked my husband once if we lived in a grown up house, after visiting a person’s house that was my idea of a “grown up” house – meaning everything matched and there were ruffles in various places. He just looked at me with this look and said, “NO.”
    Our house is decorated with skateboard decks on one wall in our living room, guitars lining the wall in our office, my collection of 1950’s vintage starburst clocks, and various drawings our kids have done and taped up on doors throughout the years, and skeletons tucked in here and there. Not a grown up house. No, not a grown up house at all, but it sure is mine. Better than grown up any day! Nice job on the dresser.

  3. Stacey@aGh says:

    I think you did a great job! Don’t you just hate how stylist make all those fabulous pictures online look effortless. (sigh) I’d say you showed them a thing or two. Love that dresser and your things so beautifully arranged make the whole thing picture perfect. NICE!

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