Best before and after ever?

Admittedly, waiting a week between blog posts is unacceptable, and for this I apologize.

You see, I’ve been a bit busy over the past week. For one… I changed jobs, which has been wonderfully exhilarating but very time consuming. And for another, we have been wrapped up in a major yard rejuvenation. My garden guru (mom) has been staying with us for the past week to help us install a custom landscaping plan she designed for our front and back yard. She and Heath have been waking up at  7 am every morning to put the plan into action. I wouldn’t believe the transformation if I wasn’t part of the process.

I squeal with glee at the end result. What all did the plan entail, you ask?

1.) Weeding the existing flower bed

2.) Cleaning the succulent planter and adding gravel to cover the dirt

3.) Pruning the trees

4.) Marking a curvature for the bed

5.) Leveling and installing paver borders

6.) Scrapping grass from the walkway and landing

7.) Installing and leveling the paver walkway

8.) Shopping endlessly at various nurseries for the perfect plants and pavers

9.) Installing the plants

10.) Mulching

11.) Mowing

12.) Edging

Already we are at step 12 and I can’t begin to describe the lengths they’ve gone to to make sure the new plan is not only installed but also poised for success. Every paver was perfectly placed and leveled and every plant was meticulously chosen, taking into consideration its water needs, soil needs, future growth, and cohesion with other plants. Nothing was selected on a whim. As good as it looks now, I know it will look even more marvelous once the plants mature.

Of course, the front is only half the story. The back is still in the works, but already we’re making progress to turn that from a wonky and weed-laden war zone to  polished and pristine courtyard.

There’s more to tackle in the rear, as most of the projects taking place back there this week have been less the stuff of glamorous makeovers and more maintenance (taking care of some of the things we let slide during the school year). We removed a large brush pile we had long been ignoring, chopped down a dying tree, pruned up a tenacious Pecan and cleaned and reorganized the shed. And of course, there was a bit of harvesting.

Tomorrow is dear mom’s last day gardening at the old doodle house, but at this rate  I wouldn’t put it past her to install a swimming pool back there just to prove she could. The woman’s a landscaping machine. I can’t wait for our next back yard bbq to show off the fancy new digs.

Heath and Mom relax after a solid day of work in the garden. Pool to come soon? Or how about a tree house? I wouldn’t put either option past these two.

12 Comments on “Best before and after ever?”

  1. Melissa says:

    Ah!! I LOVE IT!! I can’t believe you guys transformed the front yard so much just since I saw it Sunday night! Way to go, team Gretchen, Heath and Kelsey! Muy bella!

  2. Lisa says:

    Wonderful transformation! Gretchen, Heath and Kelsey you did a fantastic job. I would love to see you your place in person. . . .Someday

  3. Beautiful!!!! And I can’t believe how far along your garden is. Nice!

  4. Looking good after all the hard work – love that path/walk way – thanks for sharing. Have a Great Day:)

  5. markswords says:

    maybe the first doodle house post ever that kmom is not the first to comment, and with good reason, she deserves the relaxation. Also…”there’s more to tackle in the rear”… c’mon kelsey, I know I have a dirty mind but that is way too easy.

  6. Beautiful and a lot of hard work. Week between post is totally excusable quite often as life does happen and things take time. Enjoyed the pictures. 🙂

  7. Vanessa says:

    Your house has such a happy little smile! I want a home just. like. yours! Chickens, garden, and all! One day…

  8. […] have some front yard landscaping to tend to. Earlier this summer my garden guru came to help us install a new garden in our front yard. I know Austin summers are not the best time of year to put in new landscaping, […]

  9. Pam/Digging says:

    How wonderful to have your mom’s help in transforming your yard into a garden! It looks great — I really like the curved front bed, paver path, and (of course) the stock tank planter in the back yard!

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  11. […] good ole Gretchen (my garden guru) came to stay with us for a week to help us garden beginners install her customized landscape plan in our front yard. The visit was a great success and we went from dead, brown and lackluster to manicured, verdant […]

  12. Grasping for words says:

    Great looking yard! I was wondering, if you remember…what kind of gravel did you use/where did you get it? I’m looking to do some landscaping as well and was looking for that kind of gravel.

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